Personal Assistant (удаленная работа)

Рекрутинговое агентство Remote-Offer для Немецкая компания TTS-shop
Подтвержденный работодатель

16 сентября 2019

Уровень зарплаты:
от 50 000 до 70 000 руб.
Требуемый опыт работы:
От 3 до 6 лет
Personal assistant / translator German, English, Russian.

We invite you to work as an interpreter assistant for the manager of the business of producing and
distributing electronics and household goods on the Amazon platform in Europe and America.
This is a remote, but STABLE and LONG-TERM job in a German company with a guarantee of
professional and career growth.

Starting salary 750 - 1000 USD. Full-time work + bonuses and bonuses for results, as well as
guaranteed annual salary growth.

In determining the exact wage, not only the EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONAL SKILLS of
the candidate will be taken into account, but also the degree of the person’s involvement in work +
the desire to work for the result.

If it is a READY SPECIALIST-PROFESSIONAL, then we are ready to offer a higher wage, starting from
1000 USD, for the position of an independent thinking person whose intellect will be directed to the
development of our business.

Such a person must independently seek benefits for the company and take the initiative to get it.
For example, he will negotiate with suppliers of goods / services on more favorable conditions,
receive bonuses for the company and more favorable terms of contracts, minimize risks, optimize the
speed of solving problems and affect the quality of processes controlled by it.

After a trial period, we are ready to conclude a legal agreement on long-term cooperation with you.

Business trips to Europe and Germany are possible at the expense of the company, as well as visiting

MANDATORY Candidate Requirements:

• Knowledge of German at the Advanced level (C1) and above.

• Knowledge of English at the Advanced level (C1) and above.

• Knowledge of Russian at the Mastery - Proficiency (C2).

• Confident PC usage (MS Office Excel + Word, Google Docs, Internet, email).

• Availability of a FAST and STABLE wired Internet, as well as a computer and a smartphone with
mobile Internet.

• Higher education and work experience

We are looking for a PERSON with the following qualities:

• has the skills to effectively manage time (you know how to keep a Google calendar and work in
• extraordinary organizational skills (you turn all problems into tasks that you solve yourself);
• punctuality and readiness to be always in touch during working hours (you are unjustified and do
not invent excuses);
• advanced communication skills (you can hear and listen, communicate with people, negotiate, just
explain and work in a team);
• hyper-responsibility and pro-activity (you take responsibility for your actions);
• analytical and systems thinking (you can describe business processes in semantic maps and create
technical tasks);
• high search activity (you can search for information on the Internet and then add it to Excel and
• constructive thinking with a healthy sense of humor (you know how to think positively, but at the
same time make the right conclusions based on the facts);
• ambitiousness and determination (you are ready to learn new things, are ready to change and
want to grow).

Main responsibilities:

• conduct business correspondence and telephone conversations with business partners, as well as
government and tax authorities in English and German languages;
• search, collect and prepare information necessary for the manager to make decisions;
• search and select employees / performers;
• prepare and maintain reports on tasks, expenses, etc .;
• check and sort email;
• keep a calendar of meetings and events;
• carry out diverse organizational tasks.

Working conditions:
• 9-hour working day (five days);
• trial period - 3 months.