Digital marketing/User acqusition specialist (удаленная работа)
(вакансия в архиве)

4 мая 2020

Уровень зарплаты:
от 1 500 до 1 500 usd
Требуемый опыт работы:
От 3 до 6 лет
Growth hacker/ user acquisition specialist

Who are we?

“Full of goodness” or “30% less sugar”? We said enough of bull labels and treating
people like fools. With our A.I.- powered food-centric search engine and navigation
system understanding and optimally defining what you put in your mouth becomes as
easy as pointing your phone to your favorite food package.
At, we don’t preach or teach. Instead, we simply aim to bring our users the
ultimate solution to the problem of choosing the “right” food, no matter of your diet or
allergies, whether you shop instore or online, eat in restaurants or grab food from
100Nuts Ltd is a UK-domiciled, 18-people strong startup, and London is the first city
where we are to deploy our services.
Why we need you?
You are one of the first marketing team members at and it’s time for us to
grow to unbelievable heights! You will have huge freedom to create, test and run
different initiatives to get us our first users. It’s all about customer acquisition in most
unexpected ways! We need you to:
- find new and creative growth strategies as well as test and optimize a variety of
marketing tactics for customer acquisition
- propose creative new projects, from suggesting new features that attract
prospects and convert leads to testing new approaches to capturing existing
- build our brand and online visibility
- translate ideas to actionable items that deliver business results
- analyze, recommend and implement improvement initiatives
What do we expect from you?
We hope you are all about different creative ideas, technical implementation, data-
based decision making and surprising us with different approaches. Also, that:
- you have previous experience and knowledge in digital marketing and growth
hacking – especially focusing on user acquisition
- you are comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing “the dirty” yourself
- you don’t take pride in the size of budgets you spend on your activities
- Your level of English is great
What do we offer?

- Join us at the breaking point and become one of the people responsible not only
for helping us grow to the next level but actually making tangible change in
people’s health around the world.
- A very international team spread over the UK, Russia, Lithuania, and France.
- Ability to work remotely or from a chosen coworking space
- Freedom to explore different techniques, experiment and grow