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Senior web-developer (React+Redux, Node.js, Java (Kotlin) (удаленная работа)
(вакансия в архиве)

8 августа 2020

Уровень зарплаты:
от 180 000 до 260 000 руб.
Требуемый опыт работы:
Не указан

If you are talented and enjoy growing while challenging yourself while leading development in very complex and powerful platforms, this is a great place for you.

GXB is looking for senior-level full-stack developers who want to gain experience and make meaningful contributions in a variety of areas, including:
- Collaboration and Communication;
- Community Platforms;
- Marketplaces & Payments.

Our primary project is https://welcome.acroplia.com/, an online communication and collaboration community platform with the goal of making it easier for people to inspire and share skills and knowledge with each other. Acroplia is a massive and very complex project, by a very small team - and it’s already working over ½ the time. :-)

Test Acroplia for yourself: https://acroplia.com/m/Elena.Reutova


  • Ability to communicate in English - fluency is not required.
    • Most of group communication is in English - and you’ll learn quickly if you aren’t already fluent.

  • Senior level development experience in any of the following technologies and languages:
    • Backend:
      • Spring ( Kotlin - Java ),

      • Node.js,

    • Frontend:
      • React + Redux

    • Mobile:
      • Dart ( Flutter )

  • Other technologies:≠
    • Postgres

    • JPA

    • Hibernate

    • Docker

    • Redis

    • AWS technologies

GXB Ventures is an American company, with development centers in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, and Iași, Romania, but we are primarily a distributed team and support full-time remote work worldwide.

Salary could be paid in rubles or US dollars. Salary ranges from 120,000 to 280,000 rubles or US Dollars equivalent (before taxes). All salaries are official and taxes are paid in accordance with applicable laws.

Share this ad with your talented friends! We offer significant referral bonuses up to 30,000 rubles.

Contact us and we will gladly tell you more!


Share this ad with your talented friends! We offer significant referral bonuses up to 30,000 rubles.

Ключевые навыки:
Разработка ПО Старший (Senior) JavaScript CSS Git Kotlin PostgreSQL React.js Redux Node.js

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Senior web-developer (React+Redux, Node.js, Java (Kotlin)
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