Junior Software Developer (удаленная работа)
(вакансия в архиве)

10 февраля 2022

Уровень зарплаты:
от 6 000 до 11 000 руб.
Требуемый опыт работы:
Не указан

TypeScript (junior) Node (junior) React (junior) We're looking for great colleagues to join one of our product teams. At the moment, we are actively recruiting for our long-term investment products:Whiteboards - solution for online teams collaboration like Miro or Mural, but it’s much better when it comes to integration with Jira, Confluence, or GitHub. We take the whiteboarding experience to the next level - start from the system your team uses, and get creative together! Communicate, facilitate meetings, manage projects and Agile ceremonies with Whiteboards!Hungry for technical insights? Read: Analysis Of Rendering Performance Issues In Whiteboards. | Spartez Software BlogAgile Poker for Jira & Planning Poker - apps that make estimation a team play: choose interactive, asynchronous, relative/bucket method, invite colleagues, estimate and discuss, - everything inside Jira with the team all over the world. Our apps are used by thousands of users from various industries (e.g. Lenovo, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Amazon, Live Chat, Adidas, Gartner, Ubisoft, Mercedes-Benz).Hungry for technical insights? Read A tiny enterprise app: thank you, Google Firebase! | Spartez Software BlogBeing part of a really cool organization you will:Be a part of a self-organizing, cross-functional product team and cooperate closely with other Software Engineers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Team Leader, and with other specialists like Product Marketeers or Support Engineers;Follow the best engineering practices: automated testing, code reviews, pair programming, YBIYRI (you built it you run it);Spend ~80% of your coding time on frontend and ~20% on backend tasks;Share your thoughts openly and honestly on what would be the best for the customers and the business: you will be part of discussions about the future of our products and Spartez (an Appfire company);Decide freely about your day and assignments - we do not micromanage people and we do care about work & life balance;Be the change you seek - if you see that something can be improved, suggest how and make it happen (alone or by engaging your colleagues);What you need to have:0.5+ years of hands-on experience with front-end and/or back-end web technologies, - consider React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Typescript, Java, C#. Whereas we appreciate some breadth, we value the depth even more!Willingness to learn and use multiple technologies;Truly engineering approach to solving problems. Good theoretical foundations of computer science(e.g. algorithms and computational complexity, OOP) are super practical in the ever-changing landscape of technologies;Basic understanding of the architecture of web applications;Solid theoretical knowledge of SQL and relational databases;Command of English at level B2 or higher.Our recruitment processIt is fully remote and it may take only a few days! The recruitment process consists of:Take-home task (max 120 minutes, optional for candidates contacted by us): to see your coding skills;Conversation with a recruiter (up to 30 mins): you’ll find answers to your immediate questions, get to know the company, give us a chance to learn more about you, your experience, and your expectations;Technical stage (60 mins + 60 mins + feedback - a single meeting, or two meetings, based on your preference):Coding test: to confirm that your coding skills are as good as your theoretical knowledge. You choose a programming language for this stage;Technical interview: to check your software engineering skills, and to show what technical skills we care about the most. This is a language-agnostic interview;Final interview (60 mins + feedback + optional job offer): to understand your personality, values, what makes you proud, and why you can be a great member of the Appfire team!

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