Программист (С#, Algorithms)

Уровень зарплаты: от 120 000 руб.
Местоположение: Россия, Республика Татарстан (МСК +0ч)
- Excellent knowledge of mathematics.
- Use patterns, OOP, SOLID principles, unit-testing (with analysis of coverage and performans/memory usage),
implementing by specifications.
- Development of C#/.Net (2.0-4.0, Compact).
- English pre-intermidate/intermidate.

Also basic skills:
- Multithreaded programming.
- C++, Java.
- .Net Core (beginning).
- ASP.NET MVC/Web Forms (WebAPI, WCF), HTML, JS, WinForms, WPF, LINQ.
- MS SQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server Management Studio.

- Visual Studio, Resharper, dotTrace, StyleCop, GhostDoc, NAnt, NUnit 2/3, xUnit, OpenCover, NCover.
- Git, SVN, TFS.
- Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, GitHub, Redmine, FishEye, SonarQube.

Elabuga State Pedagogical University (Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University), faculty of Physics and
Mathematics, 2003-2008. Diploma with distinction.

Work experience:
1. 2010. "TAT-MEL Lift". System Administrator in a small company (about 30 machines).
2. 2011 January – 2013 November. "Integral Automation".
Software Engineer/Lead developer.
a) Development of enterprise application – Configurator of pump automation systems (WILO, Siemens,
KSB, Grundfos) – automatic layout of cabinets, generation of drawings and documentations, calculations).
Add new features, bug fixes, improves. About 1-2 years.
b) Migrate enterprise application to web (asp.net) and further support of the application.
Lead developer. Architecting, implement of basic modules, provide tests, improves, control of code quality. Plannings,
prepare and publish releases. Basic administration of IIS, MS SQL servers.
3. 2013 November – 2014 September, 2015 February – 2018 August. "IT-park Chelny".
C# developer/Team lead.
Development of machine graphics/image processing: implement new features, bug fixes, improves. Code refactoring,
code reviewing, control of code quality. Documentations, plannings, prepare and publish releases. Basic administration
of development servers.
4. 2018 October – 2019 June. "GroupDocs".
C# developer.
Metadata manipulation library. Implement new features, bug fixes, improves, code refactoring.